When Enterprise and Family Needs Compete

October 11, 2021

When Steve and Paulette Hohn of family business MDS Manufacturing started looking at life after the business that’s been central to their lives for 40 years, they knew they needed help to make a story out of the money. Spurred by a Prairie Family Business Association live case study in 2017, the Hohns worked with WillKate and other advisors to approach their money head-on and plan for the future of their business and family based on the story it was telling. With family members all having different mindsets and preconceived notions of what should happen, they knew they needed help balancing competing needs of the enterprise and the family. In this case study webinar, you can learn directly from Agatha, Steve and Paulette as they talk through:

  • how family culture around money and competence over their own personal finances affects business management style,
  • how next generation owners can break the money stigma,
  • what to do to address generational money biases,
  • how parallel planning helps balance family financial needs with business needs.

If you’re looking ahead to what you want your retirement to look like and want help developing your story around money, please reach out for a conversation. We’re happy to help guide you on your journey.