Build a Lasting Legacy.

Purposefully plan for generations.

At WillKate, we understand what you're going through as you build your business and lay the groundwork for a solid family legacy. We understand the mix of emotions that come with planning for the future and navigating the complexities of generational transitions in your business – and your family's wealth and legacy.

It's not just about going through the motions; it's about having a deliberate approach and having someone by your side who truly understands the hurdles you face. But it's also about recognizing the potential for alignment and growth that comes from navigating these challenges together.

The WillKate approach looks at the bigger picture: Our 6-element focus

After decades working with individuals, families, and businesses, we realized that most people focus on two specific areas of planning – financial decisions and estate planning. And, they often struggle with their choices.

At the heart of our work is a focus on a broader view of wealth and navigating the emotions that are often tied to it. While finances are crucial, we believe in enriching your overall wealth by harnessing the power of all 6 elements. 

Our expertise lies in fostering family relationships and creating harmony, while helping you adapt to wealth and understand your relationship with it. Our goal is to establish the groundwork for both families and businesses to realize their purpose, achieve their dreams, and leave a lasting impact for future generations.


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We cross generational lines to focus on what is most important for creating your legacy.

There are competing needs in a family enterprise: personal, work and business. Understanding those needs, and each other, beyond what’s “on paper” is critical. A family coach can empower those involved to navigate roadblocks in pursuit of a meaningful life, filled with purpose.

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Ensure a legacy that flourishes across generations.

Whether you're charting a new course after selling a business or protecting multi-generational wealth, you can bring great opportunities to your family, your immediate communities, and beyond.

"Choosing to work with WillKate was one of the best decisions we made for our family business. Aggie not only provided us with practical solutions, but also served as a sounding-board, trusted advisor, and mediator during difficult conversations. We were able to successfully transition to the second generation while maintaining family harmony – a huge win for our family."

– WillKate Client

We Value

CourageHonestyFlexibilityHumilityHumorBalancePersonal DevelopmentWisdomRelationshipsCreativity

Partner with WillKate

We ask the hard questions to help you define your version of success, get in the mindset of appreciation vs. scarcity, and approach changing seasons of life with confidence and optimism. Are you ready to explore the six elements of wealth together? It's helpful to be:

Not afraid of change
Not afraid of hard work
Value the process
Appreciate a long-term outlook
Committed to working toward their unique vision and purpose

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