About WillKate

The History of WillKate

Beginnings of the Six Elements of Wealth

Wilfred (Will) and Catherine (Kate) Kappenman ran a second generation midwestern farming operation, working hard in and on the business. While they did well financially, Wilfred and Catherine defined success as much more than their money. They taught their children and grandchildren the importance of strengthening all elements of wealth:


Heritage & Values

Human Talent




Leading with Family Values

As the family worked side-by-side, Wilfred and Catherine always put these elements first, demonstrating through action the value of this full picture of wealth.  Because of this, their enterprise is thriving with the fourth generation.  Our founder – Wilfred's and Catherine's daughter – Agatha Johnson, chose the name WillKate to honor her parents and the values they passed on.

Our Core Principles

Respect & Kindness

We provide candor with kindness. Respectful of everyone regardless of title.


We believe in making and keeping commitments to ourselves and each other.


We can trust each other because we know we will always do what is right.


We have a continuous improvement mindset. We believe each person should keep themselves relevant, innovate, and lead.


We believe it is important to stand for something. We believe in working and serving in the best interest of others.


We believe each person should expect to win. We believe all should have a positive attitude and use each person’s capabilities to the fullest.


We believe each person should finish strong.


We support each other and our team. We believe each person should take responsibility for and deliver results no matter their title or role. We are experts with no ego.

Zest for Life

We believe each person should have a life with interests and passions outside of work. It is what makes us better when we are at work.