Family Enterprise Office

Your family enterprise has competing needs: personal, work, and business.

Understanding those needs, and each other, beyond what's "on paper" is critical.


Historically, a large percent of family wealth is lost each time it passes to the next generation and is completely gone by the third passing. Lack of leadership and stewardship training, coupled with trust and communication barriers is the primary reason for this trend.


Solving these family business problems is complex. A family coach from WillKate can empower those involved to navigate roadblocks in pursuit of a meaningful life, filled with purpose.

Transition & Succession Planning
Growing Wealth
Preserving the Family Legacy
Family Vision, Strategy & Governance
Business Vision, Strategy & Governance
Individual Needs
Conflict Resolution Strategies
Leadership Development
Ownership Structure

At WillKate, we realize that it takes a blending of all resources to obtain the gift of unity.

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"Aggie and the team at WillKate were committed to understanding both our family business and our family dynamics – and then tailored systems that made sense for us. The process was eye-opening and just what we needed. Working with them has empowered our family to address challenges head-on and capitalize on our strengths.

– Family Enterprise Office Client

How We Help

We serve as your guide in family alignment, strategy, purpose, and more. Our role is to promote harmony and facilitate the tough conversations while systems are developed to grow your resources. 

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A member of our team will follow-up with you to discuss availability and confirm an appointment time, if necessary.

  • Family Relationships and Unity
  • Family Purpose
  • Family Sustainability
  • Family Culture and Values
  • Family Councils
  • Family Assemblies
  • Family Charters
  • Family Meeting Facilitation
  • Individual Coaching
  • Family Activity
  • Family Conflict Resolution & Communication Styles
  • Family Policies
  • Preparing the next generation

  • Developing productive, healthy family members

  • Self-differentiation in Family

  • Developing talent in all roles in the family enterprise –including wealth creators, active owners, board members, entrepreneurs, and leaders

  • Designing your life

  • Shareholder agreements and governance

  • Ownership succession

  • Shareholder buyouts

  • Preparing the next generation for ownership

  • Capital and ownership structure

  • Ownership alignment

  • Wealth building approaches

  • Legacy long view

  • Developing wealth creators and entrepreneurs

  • Shared capital and wealth philosophy

  • Philanthropic and giving back

  • Business vision, mission, and values
  • Succession and transition
  • Business protocols for family members
  • Leadership coaching
  • Effective leadership, governance, and management
  • Building the bench: family and non-family
  • talent strategy
  • Family work relationships
  • Social impact and philanthropic strategies

  • Design and implementation

  • Develop model for the family office

  • Development of an Investment Policy

  • Develop family office governance

  • Wealth development strategy for your family’s “Total Wealth” (shared assets)

  • Talent management of advisors

Family Enterprise Office Request More Information

A member of our team will follow-up with you to discuss availability and confirm an appointment time, if necessary.

What To Expect

Our client is the family, defined by the family, and we keep the long-term success and sustainability of the family front and center in our work.

A systems approach
Full confidentiality
A holistic understanding of stages & transition
Family enterprise coaching

Our Process

Our three-phase process creates the structure to remove the focus from fear, chaos and emotional decisions to a path of purpose, intentional focus and maximizing all elements of wealth.

Phase One


Getting to Know You & Your Enterprise: Everyone has a seat at the table and a platform to share their thoughts.

Phase Two


Developing Family Enterprise Systems & Your Enterprise: The family, advisors, organization, and key individuals work to implement the plan.

Phase Three


Monitor, Adjust and Continual Improvement with Intentional Purpose & Focus: The optimization phase is an ongoing process, not a transaction.

Building Your Resources, Shaping Your Story

Obtaining the ultimate gift of a unified family enterprise is challenging. But that's what makes it rewarding. Look back ten or twenty years. Now look forward ten or twenty years — maybe one hundred years. What is it that you envision?

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How to ensure success & sustainability of your family enterprise over the long-term.

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