Agriculture & Farming Legacy

At the heart of our work with Agriculture Legacy Businesses, generational farms are crucial to stability and quality throughout the United States agricultural industry.

They preserve farming traditions and knowledge, promote local and regional food systems, and support rural economics.


Multi-generational farming, where farmland and the business of it are passed to younger generations, is essential to the United States agricultural industry for several reasons:


– Preserves farming traditions and knowledge

– Promotes local, regional, and world food systems

– Supports rural economics and many extended businesses

– Becomes trusted partners to suppliers, employees, and customers 

How We Help

Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values
Essential Family Business Policies
Accountability in the Family Firm
Managing Conflict & Enhancing Communication
Successful Succession Planning
Next Generation Leadership
Effective Leadership, Governance, and Management
Building the Family Talent Bench
Family Work Relationships

This is not only a dream and lifestyle; it is a world need.