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Our Process

Our intentional process and focus on family enterprises creates a structure to bring balance between all and a legacy for many generations that goes beyond the financials.

Our three-phase process creates the structure to remove the focus from fear, chaos and emotional decisions to a path of purpose, intentional focus and maximizing all elements of wealth.

  • Phase #1

    Getting to Know You & Your Enterprise

    In this phase, everyone has a seat at the table and a platform to share their thoughts. Our confidential discovery questionnaires, individual conversations, and meeting structures allow us to get to the root of the issues and opportunities facing your family, your business, your wealth, and the ties that bind them. Each individual has a voice at the table, and collectively with you and your family, we help create the plan and next steps for a path of success.

  • Phase #2

    Developing Family Enterprise Systems

    We don't leave you, your family, or your team alone. We support and work with your family, advisors, organization, and key individuals to implement necessary actions in the plan. Areas of focus may include communication, conflict resolution, succession and transition, leadership development, personal coaching, family constitution, strategic planning, personal planning and heir preparation.

  • Phase #3

    Monitor, Adjust and Continual Improvement with Intentional Purpose & Focus

    Family Enterprises have complexities due to many overlapping and competing needs. Transitions are completed over time - it is a process, not a transaction. Phase 1 and Phase 2 may take differing amounts of time based on the family's needs. Once through the initial phases, Phase 3 is a time to monitor, adjust as needed, and continue to make improvements.

We can help you with your Generational Plan.

Having a clear picture of what you want for your business and your family is essential for success and satisfaction.

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