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Multi-Generational Wealth Planning

A tailored, strategic plan for your family's wealth.

This program looks to secure your family's legacy across multiple generations. We start this process by empowering the second generation's involvement in the planning process, so that alignment is created for generations to come.

What to Expect

We offer a white-glove, completely bespoke wealth planning service and consulting to help clients with their most complex multi-generational needs.

WillKate works with individuals and families to develop an understanding of their shared values, create a strategic plan and implement action items for wealth planning. Wealth planning is designed to give families and succeeding generations competence, confidence and empowerment to stand on the shoulders of the generation before them.

What's Included:

Multi-Generational Wealth Planning can include all areas covered under our financial planning services, plus:

  • Multi-Generational Family Wealth Planning
  • Wealth Continuation, Legacy Planning
  • Family Patterns of Wealth Decision Making
  • Heir Education
  • Family Wealth Mission Statement
  • Private Placement Aggregation and Tracking
  • Family Wealth Transition Coaching
  • Business Succession Planning

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