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Cultivating a 100-year family enterprise

May 10, 2021

Discussion with Greg Lewis of Family Business Today Agatha Johnson, WillKate’s founder, joined Greg Lewis on his podcast Family Business Today to talk about how to build and sustain a family enterprise over generations. In this captivating interview, Aggie shares her own family’s experience along with the stories of families she and her team advise. […]

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Business View vs. Enterprise View: A New Kind of Balance Sheet — Family Enterprise Equity

April 15, 2021

In business, a balance sheet is a very specific financial document that summarizes all your business assets. It is a record that objectively determines your company’s value based on its debts, assets, and shareholder equity at any given point in time. Essentially, if you were to sell your business tomorrow and pay off all of […]

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Honoring family values for generations to come

November 30, 2020

A tribute to Wilfred and Catherine Kappenman 2020 has been a year to take fresh look at your life, your family, your business(es), the legacy you want to create and think about what’s next.  While you’re reading this on our newly minted WillKate website, we wouldn’t be here today without reflection on our story and […]