Cultivating a 100-year family enterprise

May 10, 2021

Discussion with Greg Lewis of Family Business Today

Agatha Johnson, WillKate’s founder, joined Greg Lewis on his podcast Family Business Today to talk about how to build and sustain a family enterprise over generations. In this captivating interview, Aggie shares her own family’s experience along with the stories of families she and her team advise. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of communication and transparency in running and planning in a family business
  • How creating governance and other guiding structures can provide direction for a family enterprise to evolve over generations
  • The need for long-term family enterprises to identify, cultivate, and hang onto talent
  • How bringing in the global viewpoints of all family members can lead to insights and directions for the family enterprise, and
  • How a family business enterprise striving to thrive over 100 years should start now in having those difficult conversations about purpose, values, and the next generation

Enjoy the episode!

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