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Planning with Purpose

Helping families build the fullest value of wealth for generations to come

Aggie Johnson

Aggie Johnson


About Aggie

Advocate, 6 Elements of Wealth
Author, The 100-Year Plan for Multigenerational Family Businesses

Aggie Johnson is founder and owner of WillKate Family Enterprise Office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She focuses on purposeful planning that helps build lasting family wealth... beyond the balance sheet. Aggie helps multigenerational family enterprises use the power of their resources to create an extraordinary life for their family today - and provide for future generations.

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6 Elements of Wealth

After decades working with individuals, families, and businesses, Aggie realized that most people focus on two specific areas of wealth planning: financial decisions and estate (or structural) planning. This limited focus causes many to struggle with their choices. Rather, Aggie uses a multi-disciplined approach that guides clients on how to maximize the six elements of wealth: financial, spiritual, human, family, structural, and societal. She helps clients understand their relationships with wealth, realize their purpose and visions and define the opportunities they wish to create for themselves, family members, people, causes, and communities for which they care.

Learning from her Parents' Legacy

Aggie’s passion and experience stems from growing up with hard-working parents who ran a second generation midwestern farming operation. Wilfred (Will) and Catherine (Kate) Kappenman worked hard in and on the business.


While they did well financially, her parents defined success as much more than their money. They taught their children and grandchildren the importance of strengthening all elements of wealth. As the family worked side-by-side, Wilfred and Catherine always put these elements first, demonstrating through action the value of this full picture of wealth. Because of this, their enterprise is thriving with the fourth generation. Aggie chose the name WillKate to honor her parents and the values they passed on.

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Aggie explains the 6 elements of wealth

As a trained and experienced consultant, coach and advisor, Aggie has used this big picture approach to work through many scenarios of opposing dynamics which can oftentimes create complexities and complications. She believes having a strong path will provide the opportunity for lasting legacies.

Suggested Podcast Questions

− What are the 6 elements of wealth?

− What is purposeful planning?

− Why do you recommend planning for 100 years?

− You propose an alternative view of family wealth. Please explain the “new” family balance sheet.

− How do you know if there is untapped leadership talent in your family tree?

− What do you see as the biggest obstacles to building a successful and sustainable enterprise?

− What’s your secret to facilitating difficult conversations among family members and generations?

− How do you help bring a 100-year plan to life?