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Financial Planning

We understand money matters. It's just not all that matters.

The fullest value of your wealth includes so much more.

Everyone has their own story and the financial planning we do for you should reflect that. The comprehensive nature of our financial planning process looks to connect all areas of your life with a broader view of wealth. 

Are you ready to plan with purpose?

We’ll help you enrich all six elements of your wealth to create a powerful impact on your life and your legacy. 

  • Are you spending and investing in line with your values? 
  • What do you want your resources to do for your children? 
  • What is the legacy you want to create?
  • How should we invest our money to reach our goals and support our lifestyle?
  • How can we prepare our children with financial literacy? 
  • How do we make decisions around our money?
  • How will you teach your children and grandchildren responsibility around money? 
  • How will you support your children’s and grandchildren’s growth and development?
  • How do you help build resilience, independence, encourage a global mindset, and foster lifelong learning?
  • How to have money conversations?
  • How can we share our family stories and pass down values? 
  • How do we nurture family relationships?
  • Heritage, family culture and how to view money? 
  • What does “wealthy” mean? 
  • Do we need to set up a trust? 
  • How do we protect our wealth and manage risk?
  • What purposeful estate documents do we need to cover all elements of wealth?
  • How will we invest in our community?
  • In what ways are we giving philanthropically?
  • How do we encourage a giving mindset with our children and grandchildren?

How We Help

Process Overview

Our process is thorough, detailed, and technical, but our approach is guided by being accessible, compassionate, honest, and understanding of what it means to be human in a complex world.

We ask the hard questions to help our clients define their unique version of success, recognize our money patterns both healthy and unhealthy, get in the mindset of appreciation versus scarcity and approach changing seasons of life with confidence and optimism.

What's Included:

Financial Literacy & Lifestyle Coaching
A Custom & Comprehensive Financial Plan

This will serve as your financial roadmap with adaptability to change as frequently as you do. Plan also includes interactive scenarios that we share on-screen to explain outcomes and a summary of our recommendations, along with a checklist of your action items. Each time we meet, you will leave knowing exactly what to do next to move forward with your plan.

Personal Finance Tracking Software

Online access to your personal financial planning tool, eMoney.

A Dedicated Team Who Gets to Know You

During the first year, we will meet at least four times. We start every engagement with a deep dive into your why to understand your relationship with the six elements of wealth and how you make decisions. We'll work together to use your many resources in the most strategic and mindful way possible. You will also have unlimited access to your advisors via email.

Ongoing Support & Communication

We're here for you whenever plans changes or questions arise.

Educational Content

Stay in-the-know with tailored email newsletters, articles, podcast episodes, seminars, and other resources.


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